Pre-conception care

We very rarely take the time to consider preparing for one of the most important events of our lives - that of conceiving a child. However, research indicates that what we do in the months preceding conception profoundly effects not only the health of the child but also that of future generations. What more motivating reason would we need to embark on a preconception journey?

The Pre-conception period

Were you aware that women are born with all their eggs but they take 120 days to mature before being released at ovulation?  And that it is in this time they are susceptible to damage?   The role of the male is just as important as it takes approximately 80 for the sperm to develop, mature, be stored and finally ejaculated. They too are susceptible to damage over this time.  

Then from conception to 12 weeks gestation, the fetal size increases over 2½ million times, but from 12 weeks to full term only increases a mere 230 times. By the time a woman realises that she is pregnant and decides to modify her diet and lifestyle, those early weeks, when cell organisation, differentiation, and organogenesis occur are almost over. By the end of this period, any anomalies that are going to affect the foetus are already present.

Preconception care aims to ensure that there is an adequate supply of all those nutritional factors which are essential for the health of the sperm, ova and foetus and an absence of those factors which are known to compromise general health, or which are harmful to germ cells, or to foetal development.
This pre-pregnancy preparation for both prospective parents is recommended for a minimum period of four months before an intended conception. Some issues a couple can address for themselves, others will require help from a trained practitioner, and include...

What does preconception care involve?

Our Comprehensive preconception health care programs address the following areas:

Lifestyle and environmental toxicity

Cleaning up personal and work environments. This includes:

  •    Avoiding social toxins 
    •    Alcohol and caffeine (find out more)
    •    Smoking, recreational drugs (find out more)
    •    Screening for heavy metal toxicity
    •    Reducing impact of Environmental Toxins/Endocrine disruptors
    •    Detoxification    
  •    Staying positive and stress free
  •    Getting fit
  •    Weight management


  • Eating healthy and Nutritious food in the preconception period and during pregnancy gives       your children the best chance of a healthy life.
  • Expert advice on the Specific nutrients which are important pre -conceptually.
  • Dietary guidelines to enhance fertility and reduce toxicity.

Natural Birth Control

  • Charting mucus and temperature.
  • Timing techniques for natural conception will help you identify your most fertile time.


For any toxic metals, genito-urinary infections, and other preconception pathology tests.

Natural remedies


Attention to a comprehensive preconception program can help to increase the chances of having a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and post natal experience. The end result is the knowledge that you and your partner have done the best that YOU can do to increase the chances of a healthy child who can reach his/her full potential in life.