Pregnancy and Childbirth

Some women bloom during pregnancy, while others struggle to make it through. We support women going through healthy and complicated pregnancies with safe, natural and effective solutions. We also provide support for childbirth and the important postnatal period.


We offer natural ways to encourage a healthy pregnancy. By using herbs, diet and supplementation, we can deal with many of the health issues that can arise during this time. These include morning sickness, heartburn, sciatica, varicose veins, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, water retention.
The best way to ensure a healthy pregnancy, is to of course, attend to the health of the prospective parents 4 months prior to conception. 

Labour support

There are effective ways to prepare the uterus for labour in the weeks preceding the due date - this can help establish effective contractions during the birth process.  We can also facilitate labour with the help of specific herbs and techniques during childbirth.

Post-natal and Breastfeeding support

The postnatal period is an important transitional time for the new mother and baby. It is vital that Mum is well supported over this time so that she can bond well with her baby and establish good breastfeeding practices. This is done with the help of good nourishing dietary guidelines, herbs and supplementation. These can also help with issues that may arise over this time such as post natal depression, breastfeeding problems, mastitis, exhaustion, afterpains etc.