IVF / ART support

The Naturopathic approach can be used alongside of assisted reproductive technologies. Recent research suggests that combining naturopathic treatments and IVF more than doubles conception success rates.

Reproductive health and fertility require a holistic approach. However holistic isn’t always the same thing as ‘natural’ and many branches of medicine have an important role to play.  
For those couples who require or choose assisted reproductive technologies (ART), we have a support program that can help to increase their chances of a successful outcome. Our programs can be followed in conjunction with ART or IVF. We are experienced in working alongside of medical programs and  we understand and respect the interface between naturopathic treatments and the medical approach.  

Our approach to supporting IVF/ART

Studies show that Naturopathic treatments can improve IVF success rates.
These are some ways that complementary medicine can  support reproductive technologies: 

  • Supporting stress – psychologically and physically
  • Lifestyle and nutritional advice
  • Weight loss or gain – achieving optimal BMI
  • Detoxification e.g. chemicals, heavy metals
  • Optimising general and reproductive health before embarking on IVF/ART.     
  • Optimising hormone balance prior to ART/IVF
  • Improving all sperm parameters
  • Optimising egg quality
  • Immunological support
  • Supporting healthy blood flow.
  • Thorough and comprehensive screening of bloods, checking for infections, autoimmune markers, nutritional status, semen analysis, genito-urinary infections.

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