At NFWH we know that what you eat effects how you think and feel. Our consultations individualize nutrition advice and solutions to keep you in optimal health. Optimizing your health and improving your lifestyle can have a positive effect on increasing your chances of falling pregnant

A recent study at Harvard University followed a large group of women over eight months. It found that the women who made positive changes to their diet -- reducing bad fats and increasing fruit and vegetables -- greatly improved their chances of falling pregnant over those who did not.

We also know that diets that emphasize healthy whole grains and lower carbohydrate can have a positive effect on ovulation. For males, poor eating habits can lower the quality and quantity of sperm - emphasising the key nutrients needed for optimal sperm health can make a real difference to sperm health.

We emphasize wholesome additive free and organic nutrition. We believe that food should be a close to its natural state as possible. A consultation with a NFWH practitioner can help clarify how to eat well and stay well.

We do not just consider what you eat but how well your digestive system is working. We aim to optimize your digestive function so that you can process healthy wholesome food effectively.

A good nutrition plan can help to:

  • Balance hormones and oestrogen levels  
  • Manage PMT and regulate your periods.
  • Manage PCOS and insulin resistance
  • Optimize your weight for a healthy pregnancy

We also specialize in preconception nutrition plans, nutrition for pregnancy and breast feeding.  We understand the nutritional needs of couples undergoing IVF and ART.