Natural Fertility Contraception Program is the safest, most natural and empowering method of avoiding pregnancy currently available. The program teaches you to understand and cooperate with your fertility cycles.

Through observing body signs such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature, and combining this knowledge with your personal bio rhythmic lunar cycle. You can then choose what to do for the few days a month you are fertile.

Natural Fertility Management has a 97-99% success rate when used correctly.  This compares with the pill at 97-99.5%, the condom at 97-99% and the diaphragm (with spermicide) at 97-98%. (Statistics taken from a number of different studies.)

Natural Contraception Program can be used by all women whether or not their cycles are regular and at any stage of their fertile life. All that is required is motivation and a healthy curiosity about your own body.